National Intergenerational Week

National Intergenerational Week takes place from 23rd to 29th March 2020. It’s all about celebrating those moments and places where different age groups come together for shared benefit.

In changing times, parents are having children later in life, and living greater distances from their own parents. Lives seem busier nowadays, we are becoming more segregated and accommodation for older people is, more often than not, set apart from where younger generations live.

All these things can drive a wedge between different generations. Isolation can begin to creep in. Along with a poorer understanding and awareness of each other. It’s a downward spiral where negative stereotypes and attitudes can take hold all too easily.

St. Monica Trust think it’s about time we change the way we do things.  They aim is to get as many people talking about existing intergenerational projects in their local area as possible. Find out how to get involved in the first year of National Intergenerational Week.

Intergenerational projects and cinema

Cinema can be an inspiring and powerful tool for developing intergenerational projects. Find some inspiration on this page about previous and existing projects, or information for further research and planning ideas. Share your organisation’s projects or those local to you with the online world during #IntergenerationalWeek. Posts don’t need to be about events taking place during the week itself, just share what and where the project is and the thing you love most about it!

We would love to know about your Intergenerational film or cinema project at Inclusive Cinema. If you’d like to submit your own case study, please download this Inclusive screening case study template and submit it to toki[at], so we can share your experiences, too.

Local 12: Generation to Generations uses film for intergenerational mentoring